Friday, November 16, 2012

Nov 13th 2012, my babies turned 6


Lenora is now six.
Sophie is now six.

I LOVE six but I am still in shock that they are six.
In my mind, they are eternally those cute little pea pods in the NICU....

well, until I see pictures like this anyway:
 there were donuts.

there was a play place while we waited for a store to open.

 Oh Sophie...we already look a like and then you go and make my faces!!!
Lenora, you are just sweet. Like, all the time. Sweet.

the store opened and we were the first ones there!
never too early to get in line to experience extreme pain...

 they were cute and they did amazing.
no crying, just cringing.

 I made Lydia take Lenora to the back of the store so she couldn't see Sophie getting her ears pierced and then made Samantha take Sophie back so she couldn't see Lenora get hers pierced.

they do NOT do well watching their twin be in pain.
you are not ever sure who is actually hurt right at first because the reactions are both so extreme.

our plan worked beautifully!
no sympathy crying or shaking or cringing or chickening out.

they LOVE their new earrings!

later at home...
 pink rice krispies for Lenora

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing for Sophie

 really Lydia?

and I refuse to think that they will ever be too big to BOTH sit in my lap.
I WILL cry if that ever becomes a fact.
there is nothing like this feeling:

Happy Sixth Year to you Chickadees.


Stacy said...

yeah! happy birthday sweet girls!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Sophie and Nora from the Huttners! I can't believe they are 6!


Liz W. said...

Happy Birthday Panter ladies!!

Team Summers said...

I've been away way too long :) Love catching up on your beautiful family!!! Praying for your move.