Friday, December 21, 2012

Children of the Light....the last chapter part A

we froze to death went to the National Christmas Tree, just one last time before moving, with
Children of the Light Dancers and danced for Jesus right there on the lawn of the White House.
Take that.
In all this culture of taking God out of everything, I love it that while we lived here, our girls were able to proclaim Him so loudly in such a public and special way.

No Menorah this was strange.
Anyone know why?

 gah. it. was. cold.
I was actually getting angry about it.
I think I was being transported back to those dark Nebraska winters by the chilling wind somehow.
And as much as we love the PEOPLE in Nebraska, we get a new sense of relief every time we think about not having to go back there and be IN those cold winters.
(again, we'd do it in a heart beat just to be near the awesome people)

the back drop this year?
The White House on the Left and the National Christmas Tree on the Right.
check it.

what special memories!
 Samantha on the left in both of these.
Gosh that girls is cute when she hops around on that stage.
and I mean HOP!

 Lydia on the left, GRINNIN' away have a BLAST.
She just LOVES this stuff and dances so beautifully:

 for memorie's sake, some of her teachers and their dances:

and I promise that the tree to the right of the girls IS the California tree!
that glowing sign behind them says so.

California, do you have a Children of the Light?

Last Chapter part B tomorrow....we're headed to a nursing home in the afternoon.
to be cont....

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Courtney said...

i thought about you guys!!! and how FREEZING you probably were! such beautiful pictures...