Friday, December 21, 2012


1.  I shredded my finger with a cheese grater

 perfect timing because I have nothing else going on.

this is only helping marginally.

2.  Trying not to build barriers with my 'people' here in Virginia that resemble that band-aide job up there.
When we move I tend to 'just be done' and not be very sensitive to other's feelings about us moving.
It's mature. I do not recommend.
Trying something new this time....going better, 'cept that whole maturity thing.

3.  Had a blast at our Co-Op Mom's Christmas 'meeting'.
People left saying their jaws and sides hurt because we laugh that much.
If these are the moms of future homeschool graduates I can rest everyone's mind at ease that the children will be socialized....very. socialized.
Gah....pretty sure finding another moms group like this won't be easy.
Mature, fun, loving.
All three of those together in one group of women is a rare jewel and I feel so blessed to have learned from them!
Thank you ladies!!!!

4.  My kids have basically not been here this week.
Tues, most of the day, they were with one friend. (thank you so much Jen!!!)
Wednesday morning Courtney came and swooped them away again and vowed to not return them to me until Thursday at bed time.
Yes, the Courtney with six kids.
That one.
The crazy one.
Read it, you'll feel less crazy and less busy.
You're welcome.

 the girls came home full and happy and peaceful.
I was expecting grumpy, tired and worn out.
worn out, yes....grumpy and tired...uh...not so much.

I just kept thinking to myself, 'This is what it must feel like to have family in town that can watch your kids overnight in a crazy season of your life like this....I kinda like this feeling!'.

Again, Courtney and Pat, thank you for being our family when our family couldn't because of distance.
Blessing just doesn't seem to fit here but it's something along those lines....bigger, but along those lines.

my favorite picture that Courtney caught....
God blessed their time, that's all there is to it.
WE LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SUPER LOUD!!!!!)

 5.  God blessed my time too.  I did get some fun stuff done in those three days...Yoga in the middle of the day, like other moms get to do!  Shopping, I bought a SIZE 12 JEAN!!!!!!!!! (Uh...I started at a size 20 so that is a big flippin' deal, k?), date night with my Jake!!, house hunting online (finally found some perfect looking ones!!!)  but mostly I holed up in my weird and quiet childless home and worked.

It was so quiet I HAD to put something on.
I listened to the Audio Book Version of The Kitchen House just because I needed to listen to something!
(wow...soooo good)

I made fun and draining decisions for hours on end.
Decisions like:

What do I do with this blue shirt, oh look, there's a hole in that Rubbermaid.
Should we keep _____? Haven't used it in 2 1/2 yrs but it's because ______...should I?
Where do I put _____?
What do I do with ______?
Should I take with us or leave here?

And repeat that scenario for 4 hours, take a 15 min break to pintrest, repeat again.


with no interruption from cute little girls, who are very cute but very distracting!
and while listening to my book.

Such meaningless (seeming) decisions and soooooo draining.
But so much DONE!

And it's a domino effect.

You look around and think, "I don't have that much to do, really.".....until you start doing the 'not so much' and then all of the sudden that one little domino knocks over a 1,000 other dominos and you can see your's hours more of those meaningless questions/answers.


Party it up.

oh....and then there's Christmas to recognize....


oh....and the 9 day trip to see family....


this is going to happen.

God planned all this, He knows.
(and I repeat this in my head about every 2 seconds.) 

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Courtney said...

ow! your finger looks awful!!! that is SUCH a pain...when we have to have our hands in water so hard to keep a bandaid on!

LOVED having your girls. oh, how we loved it!