Thursday, January 24, 2013

a BIG deal

if I told you this was the house we're fixing to rent:

#1 Would you believe me?
#2 Would you come see us?

99.99% a done deal.
just a few pieces of paper between us and it....

there is still room for God to close the door but as of tonight, 
the night before we fly back to Texas,
this is it.

book your room early, I have a feelin' we'll book fast ;-)


Missy said...

Very "Panter" like. Love the deck! And dang, that's a big ole chimney! I see some cozy fires in your future!

Liz W. said...

wow, wow, wow!!!! Boy am I glad that other house fell thru ;-)

Stacy said...

Can I be jealous?

Megan J. said...

God is so good!!!

Beckysblog said...


Bekah Boo said...

ooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaa
this is like a homeschool kids DREAM house. or at least mine :)

Aimee said...

put me on the list for a visit!! AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Andrew and I will make it out there :)


PS--So excited for y'all!!

Mandy said...

the house looks AMAZING! just wanted you to know that i'm checking in on you! it's exciting to follow you across the country....hope you all are well on your travels!

Anonymous said...

Homestead and Homeschool! I love it and can't wait to see it in person.
Safe travels my friend,

i'm beccy. said...

And????? Did you get it for sure? Hope moving in is going well! Love from NE.