Tuesday, January 22, 2013

house hunting day 1

it's amazingly beautiful here.

the house we were SO SURE was our house before we got here was 'mysteriously' rented the day before we got here.

we are sooooo tired.

we learned so much about this area in one short long day.

God is in this.  It's exhausting and overwhelming but God is in this.

no house yet.
maybe an inkling of one but not more than that.

6-8 more houses on the list for tomorrow, at least.

I'm tired in a way I'm not sure I'll be rested from by tomorrow....but onward we go.

Moving is in the top three stressers of life for a reason.


Missy said...

You'll find the one you're meant to be in. And it will be perfect for you and just where God wants you to be, I'm sure of it. Hang in there!! Enjoy this time with Jake sans kids!

Stacy said...

Bummer. That only means He is working in some blog-worthy ways!! Maybe it's the house...maybe the neighbors who need you....or who you will need. So encouraging that moving is more than just about the house. It is the whole experience. You would have not much to write about if you caught the first flight and rented the first house. True...you wouldn't be so tired...but Gods story will be fun to watch!!

Liz W. said...

I'm with Melissa, enjoy this semi-vacation. And all that's playing in my head is the theme song from Cat in the Hat. "Here we go, go , go, go....on an adventure!"