Monday, January 21, 2013


I was right.
full cups.

My Mamaw and Papaw can claim so much of who I am.
They, along with my parents, taught me to love.
I mean, I'm tellin' you...they KNOW how to love!!!

Mamaw showing Lydia and Sophie my baby pictures and pictures of their Nana pregnant with my brother:

 I wish I'd have scanned a picture of her holding me as a baby to put next to this!
we were both blond...once...honest!


 Josh and David are my 'cousins' of sort, they even annoy me in the same way brothers annoy sisters...

Josh has three precious girls and one precious are the girls with our girls:

(yes, our lives are FULL of girls.
we have four,
my brother has three,
Jake's brother has four,
Josh has three...and out of all that, there are three boys total!)

I will never forget this winter.
The winter of your sock monkey hat and orange tennis shoes.
Monkeys and Orange are your favorite.
I love it girl.
We walked in on you the other night sound asleep, rockin' this hat, I wish I'd have taken a picture.
Right next to you was your twin sister, cuddling a red toothbrush she'd found out side.
oh the things you guys do to make us smile!

Dear Georgia,
I'd just like to say THANKS! for the beautiful was awesome!
Holly <><

 it just happened to be Abi's 10th birthday in a few, naturally, we celebrated her all together!

my Mamaw posted these on facebook...I had to share, it's too fun...
Me and David 1981:
and 2013:

We were there two glorious nights, had our fill of homemade fried chicken, got to meet David's amazing wife and hug Joni who I hadn't hugged since my wedding.

We hit the road the next morning, drove to Vicksburg, MS, filled up on fried green tomatoes and gumbo, stayed one night in a hotel and then popped over on into Texas the next afternoon.

And this is where our trip starts to shake up a little...

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