Monday, January 21, 2013

the next leg...

you can read all the details below or you can read just this:

we had an insane day flying standby.
we had to try 5 times and wait over 8 hours to get a flight.
we had to change cities.
we witnessed a 'words' fight between two ladies. (UgLy)
we had incredible service. (American Airlines!)
Jake had one knife taken from him at security and somehow got a larger one through (neither of them were supposed to be with us, both were just accidentally in his bags! oops.)
we are in Sacramento with a cute little red rental car and will be here for the next few days house hunting.

that was the short version.
here is a longer one:

our next step:
leave the kids in Texas,
fly to Sacramento,
find a house in three days,
fly to Texas,
continue on our road trip West'ish.

easy enough?

Getting to Texas...cake, done!
Repacking for an airplane ride for two....cake, done!
Get to airport at 8am in Dallas morning traffic...cake, done!

we are flying stand-by at the generosity of a friend of Jake's mom, sooooo.....

check in for flight #1
get boarding passes,
gate check 1 bag,
start to gate check 2nd bag.
give boarding passes back and uncheck the bags....not cake, not done.

check in for flight #2 three hours later
get boarding passes,
gate check both bags,
walk down concourse,
get within sight of the airplane's door.
give boarding passes back, uncheck bags and tell the people who bumped us off the flight, 'it's ok, really!'...not cake, not done.

check in for flight #3 two hours later.
move from #1 and #2 standby's to #1356 and #1357 (not really, but that is what it feels like when you are #5 and #6 on a list of an over sold flight)....not cake, not done.

check in for flight #4 and hour later.
repeat the last step and wait to get on this flight, even though we know we won't but we 'may' get on flight #5.....we shall see!?

and then blog because now it's 4:31 in the afternoon and I'm over the Inauguration coverage, I can't read in an environment where there is so much to eaves drop on and there is free wi-fi in airports...who knew!?

Jake and I decided we are in this until they kick us out of the airport.
We'd like to know we gave this the best shot and not go home wondering if we'd get on a later flight!
We are fighters we Panters. WE ARE!
We will win!
(we are also on the list for tomorrow and the odds are better but by golly, we sure are gonna try for today)

Do they pumped weird air into airports?
I always feel weird in this air and now we've been breathing it for over 8 hours....
this could get interesting!
oh wait,
it already is...


Our day was a comedy of errors.

Jake accidentally had a Gerber pocket tool/knife thing in his carry-on that got taken away only to discover that he actually had a much larger knife in his backpack that they totally missed.

We flew into San Fran instead of Sacramento and just drove the 2 hours north.

All I know is that WE DID IT!
God opened the doors and we walked through them.

It feels worth it right now....
I know we're here because of His provision so just knowing that, it's worth it!
(that, and the RED rental car we got, fun!)


Stacy said...

Good fighting!!! Very few couples would still be standing!!

Missy said...

Eww. Airport air is the worst. The longer you have to breathe it the worse it makes your attitude. I think they put grouchy drugs into the air or something. Maybe that word fight between those two ladies was a result of them breathing it in for too long. No one wants to be stuck in an airport that long, that's for sure. Way to hang in there and be troopers about it all! At least you didn't have to endure it with the girls, and got to sit down and blog for a bit to pass the time!