Sunday, January 6, 2013

my last one...

My last child to loose her first teeth.

So precious for her.
So surreal for me.

I love it though.
She is the only one to:
1. loose two at the same time.
2.  pull out her own teeth.

When you are an identical twin AND a middle sister, it's stuff like that that matters.

I love that God gave her those two little trophies.
I hope she always points to Him as the giver of those little things that mean so much.

We are so proud of you Lenora!
All of us!
Even Samantha, who walked around saying, "Presenting, Nora!" all night and gave you her special little treasure box to keep your trophies in.

(she is also the only kid to know where her first lost teeth are.
everyone else's fell out and we never knew where they went...swallowed, dropped, poofed?

1 comment:

Missy said...

Tell her Miss Melissa said, "WHAAAAAAA HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

Can't believe she lost two at the same time!! Seems fitting that she would though! Ah, so bittersweet! The last of her that is baby is falling out!