Saturday, January 5, 2013


we are home.
home sweet home!!!

for like 5 more days anyway.

I'll finish up our trip recap soon but until then, we are in detox from vacation food.
It was a great trip filled with yummy food according to my intestines would tell you otherwise.

So, I figure it's their turn now...

I ate this for lunch and plan on doing so for every meal until they pack my blender:
 Image and general recipe from HERE....there are different combos flying around the internet lately but this is the gist.  I like to call mine Spinach Ice Cream...'cause it's green, you can't taste the spinach and it tastes like ice cream....yum!

and made this meatless beast for dinner:

the girls will be surviving on plain rice (LOVING that rice cooking method, I stink at rice but that way turns out every time!), steamed veggies and hummus.

My sweat was starting to smell like 'vacation' food and we are fixing to be on the road for 2 weeks.
I figure, let's just pack in the veggies NOW.

on my way to yoga to finish sweating out all the rest of the 'yummy' vacation food ;-)


Megan J. said...

Thank you for that Holly! I have been wanting to detox from all the food I started eating on Thanksgiving and have been addicted to since. You gave me the motivation I needed :)

Missy said...

Ugh. I hate that fast food feeling. It's so gross. Happy detoxing before you have to fill back up with it! If I can find some descent yogurt here I'll have to try your spinach smoothie!

Stacy said...

Do you use the tofu, eggplant and bok choy in that? Or just the main things and whatever you have on hand? Just curious. Because sometimes I crave only veggies and this looks devine!