Wednesday, January 2, 2013

so far so amazing.

October 29th'ish Jake gets an email during Hurricane Sandy.
We were hunkered down.
Jake had his work computer at home.

There was no warning, no hint, nothing.

Just a surprise email.

We had every indication, rumor, hint, etc...that we were headed back to Omaha this spring/summer.
There is was.
An email that said:
You are moving.  You have orders.

But that's all it said.

It took Jake a minute to get into the system and figure out 'where' we were moving and another few minutes for the shock to wear off.  In that 3-4 min. time span I actually had the thought,

"Wouldn't it be fun to go to California?'re headed to Omaha and it's ok, my heart is ready now"

(it hadn't been 'ready' for quite a while, I just didn't want to do it.  If you are in Omaha, please don't be offended, the people are NOT the reason I was was the snow, the deployments, the culture of the job for Jake, the distance from our families, etc...all the 'other' reasons) -

The California thing was literally, a fleeting thought.

Jake found the information, his face was shocked.
What what what!!!????

Beale AFB, Yuba City, CA.

My fleeting thought wasn't so fleeting ALL of the sudden!
Now my face was shocked too.

Several years ago it was rumored that if you wanted to get to this particular base all you had to do was say, 'Choose me!' and you'd be chosen.
So, we did.
And the door slammed shut!
It was weird.
We knew who slammed it so it wasn't totally weird.

We had often dreamed about getting to live 'west' for a while.
I have family in California and Southern Oregon that my girls have never met.

But, I can appreciate a good slammed door.
It's the cracked doors that make me batty!

A few years ago we try to get to California and were told NO.
Now, we are prepared to go back to Omaha and it's not our first choice but BAM! Cali' is plopped in our laps like a big fun present!

And fun it is.
I don't think we've been more excited about a move before this one.

We are not running out of Virginia.
We have loved it and still love it.....there is just so much to love! If you ever get the chance to live in the DC area, DO IT!!!  Total blast on so many levels.

But, this is how we roll. We roll. Out of town.  A lot.
So, we knew it was time but for it to happen like this, all Glory gets to be His and I love that.

1.  The Air Force isn't moving anyone if they haven't been on station for 4 years - it will be 2 months shy of 3 years by the time we roll out of town.
2.  The Air Force isn't moving people from East Coast to West Coast and visa versa.  Um....
3.  Congress keeps threatening to pull the plug on the particular air frame that Jake is going to so the Air Force hasn't been sending people (Global Hawks...for those of you who care)
4.  I could list for a long time about all the conversations, indications, and clues we had that had us going back to Omaha...a long time I say!

Dear Air Force,
You don't own us.
God does....oh boy does He!
Bring it!
Holly <><

October 29th'ish we find out.
Jake has to report by early February.
It boils down to just over 3 months to get it all wrapped up in Virginia and get to California.
With Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all in between.
And before we found out we were moving, we had planned FOUR out of town trips weaved in and around all the holidays listed above.

And when you buy the cheap tickets and book the cheap sleeping accommodations...there are no refunds.
And when you buy 12 cheap's not cheap anymore.

It looked like this:
4 day trip to Southern Virginia with close family friends over Veteran's Day.
Host Thanksgiving at our house with friends.
8 day trip to Colorado right after Thanksgiving.
3 day trip to Williamsburg, VA for Busch Gardens trip.
Christmas at our house with friends.
9 day trip to Texas/Oklahoma right after Christmas.

We'll get home late on Jan 4.
Movers start packing on Jan 10.
We pull out of town Jan 16.

Stressful isn't the word.
It's hard to be stressed about having too many blessings.
Just doesn't seem right.
It's not right.


Those are better words.

Our lives are very full right now and we feel very held.

God knew all of it.
The timing, the trips, the schedule.
He is our scheduler.
It will all go.
Whether we think we're ready or not.
He's got it.

We have friends that are sticking closer than brothers and are the next biggest reason we feel held.
Mostly we just feel held because God is holding us.

We don't regret any decision yet, we see His provision in it all.

I can't WAIT to tell you the story about the Suburban.
I want it to have a solid ending before I type it all out but I'm bursting at the seams to tell you.....
It's one of those stories I'll be telling 'til my death bed.

The girls are doing awesome.
Samantha wasn't so sure at first but she is all sorts of pumped now.
Lydia is being very 'mommy' about it all. Very practical and self-talks out loud about how great it will all be.
Lenora and Sophie, when they come out of twin world, are neither here nor there...whatever!

Sickness has jimmied it's way into a few our trips and yet our girls have been rock stars.
We keep saying they need traveling trophies.

I'm thinking next time we go for bright yellow backpacks and suitcases that way we stick out?

these kids travel soooooo well.
like I said, we feel held.

Jake is like a little kid that has been told he gets to spend three years at a theme park.
I am excited and nervous and curious and my usual mess of emotions. ;-)

Our trip out there will take somewhere in the vicinity of 60 hours.
Will stop at three of our family's homes.
Will go through:
New Mexico
back through New Mexico
and drum roll please...
all the way through Southern California to Northern California.

And I need some serious Kindle book suggestions!!!

Jake and I will get to go house hunting but not until after we pull out of town.
We'll get to Texas, drop the kids off for four days, fly to Sacramento, find a house, fly back, continue our trek, drive straight to our new home.
It may not go that smooth but again, I'm not the least bit worried about all that.
He knows.
He just does.

No joke, I left out a bunch of details but that is it in a nut shell.
A big walnut shell, not a little hazelnut shell, but a nut shell nonetheless....

to be continued.....


Erika C. said...

This post made my day... so good to "hear" your heart and logistics and random God awesomeness!! Totally looking forward to the suburban story...way to give me a cliff hanger?! (The best part is when I read your writing...I feel like I can hear your voice!) Love & Miss You LOTS! Cali doesn't even know the goodness that is coming it's way!

Amy said...

You are amazing.
Bummed that a trip through KS isn't on the agenda, though. :)

Bekah Boo said...

loved these details. helps me pray :)
so excited you'll be semi close to me!
praying and continuing to pray.

Stacy said...

This touched me in so many ways. I am glad people are holding you and your family...wish I was close enough to do that!!

Missy said...

Glad you wrote all this out. Made me happy to read it, even though I had already heard it all from you...I still liked reading it. :~) Not much longer friend....