Wednesday, January 9, 2013

that's about right...

...the movers come tomorrow so....

1. Samantha puked all night, everywhere, on everything.
Like, on those floors I just BLEACHED.
Now, she is just laying on the couch, on laundry, lethargic.

2.  The landlord to our current home just called and would like to show the home to someone in an hour and a half.

3.  My stomach is upset but I'm not exactly sure what from.
I'm a sympathy puker and a stress puker.

4.  There is laundry covering my entire couch (sectional), we are using a spare bathroom as our 'don't pack room', there are suitcases and bags everywhere, there are just basically piles and piles of oddness everywhere you look.....sure, come and look at the house.

5.  Lydia has an orthodontis appointment in 2 hours.



Courtney said...

i don't even know what to say.
but i have been thinking about you ALL.DAY (before i read this) and now will be praying my little heart out for you!

Missy said...

Yup, right on cue! Geesh Louise! What is up with your landlord scheduling a walk through while you're moving?! WHY?! That is madness. Praying for the remainder of your day. Sorry friend.