Wednesday, January 9, 2013

it's going.

1.  I let the landlord come with her prospective tenants because the word 'desperate' was used twice by her in a 2 min. conversation.

It was worth it.
I was able to help 'sell' this house with her to the family.

We have really really loved this house and there are things about it you just can't see on the surface that need to be shared!

oh, and of course they are Air Force and in the short minutes we had together we made several connections....of course.
(Aaron and Amanda....they say hi...not sure what their names are but you were stationed together in Yakota ;-)

2.  Samantha hasn't puked all day and is in the middle of a three hour nap.

3.  I took an hour long nap.
go me.

4.  We all went out for frozen yogurt.
I got the most unhealthy thing I could, because it just seemed right.

5.  Lydia's braces are fixed for the move.

6.  Someone looked at me crossed eyed the other day wondering why I was overwhelmed, since the movers packed us, what else is there to do????  I held back, but it was hard....really hard.

7.  I'm still totally overwhelmed and holy crap, our movers come in less than 12 hrs.  but, whatever happens happens, right?

we got this.

off to pack the toys....

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Missy said...

What?! You mean you didn't tell Mr. CrossEyed to "shut up"??? Bah ha ha ha ha!!! That's still makin' me laugh by the way. Just keep enjoying your artery cloggin' yogurt and look at the cover of Entertainment weekly in your mind....that will make everything better. :~)