Monday, January 14, 2013

update move

(my title abilities are rockin' huh?'s ok, you'll get there one day too)

the loading guys had two days scheduled to do their job, just like the packing guys did.
and just like the packing guys, they didn't need it.
this is the truck, pulling away at 2:30 in the afternoon.

and these are some super star little girls who did amazing at staying out of the way the whole time
here they are waving good bye to their stuff:
 (but only 'cause mommy asked them too, not 'cause they actually care.
to be honest, neither did I...'stuff' is so annoying.
If the truck disappeared and we had no stuff anymore, I might be ok with that!)

we had a 68 degree day in the middle of January and all they wanted to do was RUN outside
you go girls:

Empty houses and little kids....the BEST!
Lots of space to slide, twirl, run, echo and if there are boxes there are hours of hide and go seek.

I felt 'ok' for most of the day on loading day.
By nightfall I thought I was going to pass out mid-step.
No more nausea, just sore and exhausted.
We were headed over to rest at some friends house for the next few days when we got the final call about the Suburban.
(it deserves it's own post....or book....or news story....or, you still have to wait just a bit!)

So, exhausted or not, I was not getting in the way of that God-story.
Off to finish up the Suburban story and THEN to our friends house to rest....

I can do it I can do it.

or that's what I told myself anyway.

 It all got done, we had some amazing soup and friendship and beds waiting for us at the Bush Family B&B.
That alone revived me.

Then, we decided to pretty much do nothing on Sunday.
Liza and I went on a run.
(and we came out of our rooms, took one look at each other and both doubled over laughing.
we had THE EXACT same outfit on....'cept I'm like a foot taller than her so....)

Jake and Johnathan did this:

Liza made us MORE warm and yummy food.
I went to the house to organize the weird piles left there and make a list of what needs to be done.

I felt really great and rested until about 4pm and then I hit some wall that I basically wanted to tear down with a sledge hammer.
Dumb wall.
ok....that is enough about my virus.
it's going away, slowly, just like any other virus. 'nuff said.

And that couple that needed to see the house the other day when Samantha was sick and I had and hour and a half notice the day before the packers!?
I'm so stoked about it.
I loved them, I love our landlord, I kept whispering behind the landlord's back to the couple about how much they'd LOVE her and it worked!!! (it's true, they will!)
They will be so comfortable in that neighborhood and in that house!
So, it was crazy but it was good.

God = Crazy but Good.

We pull out of town on Wednesday.
Until then we 'get' to clean and clean and clean.

Praying that today I have extended strength.
And that I let go of what other people think.
Always, the cleanliness of the house we leave stresses me the most.
For some reason I REALLY care about what people think when it comes to my cleanliness.
Um...may need to pray about that one....seems really really dumb when I type it out...

I'll be back.
With a better story.
you won't want to miss the next one!


Liza said...

I love it.

"God = Crazy but good."

SO so true.

Katina said...

Missing you ...M said tonight, I didnt get to babysit for the Panter girls.made me cry a little!

Courtney said...

can't wait to hear the story :-)
glad you are slowly feeling better...