Saturday, January 12, 2013

loading day!

so yesterday, 
that was fun huh!?
I realized it last night and have been continually reminded of it today by great friends that God knew I'd need that day.
He knew there was sickness and sin in this world but in His mercy...I got a day to just be sick.
He is good.
Sickness is bad, He is good.
Very good.
Thank you for praying with me....that was crazy.

Moving on to pun intended.  Ok, maybe there was.

I slept all night, great.
I'm runnin' on about 75%...I'll take it!

We all woke up, ate, dressed and movers were here by 8am.

Great moving crew again today!
They brought lots of laughter and energy with them, I'm lovin' it.

This has all been too easy (minus the whole puking thing with me and Samantha).

They are smoking (like, working hard, not taking smoking breaks....and for those of you who've moved, you'll think that's funny) and will be done quick, I can already tell.

these poor girls.
I had planned for loading day to be on Monday and planned for them to spend the day at a friend's house so they wouldn't be in the way....then we got the blessing of switching the loading day to Saturday and I spaced on finding somewhere for them to go.

they aren't complaining:

there are like a thousand piles of this kind of stuff...stuff they can't take, stuff I spent $ on, stuff I don't have room for in the car....
crossing my fingers that craigslist will come through!

aren't you glad you came to the blog today?
your day can be complete now that you've seen a box of Easy-Off, Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide, Lysol (hey! I should pull that out and start going to town!).
you're welcome.

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