Friday, March 22, 2013


little girl conversations rock.
especially when they are trying to teach each other something.
I'm sure little boy conversations parallel in rockness but um...I wouldn't know.


I give you Lydia, working with her sisters, to memorize the Pledge of Allegiance:

You start by just thinking about what it's called....just Pledge of Allegiance, so, say that first.

Think about the flag and just say to the flag.

Of the United States of America.
Just think about the name of where we live.
The big name.

To the Republic.
I don't know, just think really hard, that one is hard so just think hard.

For which it stands.
Just think about standing up really really tall.

One Nation.
Ok, so remember how we aren't 13 colonies anymore, now we're just one big blob?
Just think about that blob, k?

Under God.
Just think about God in Heaven and we're down here so we're under Him.

Just think about no one being able to see you.

(through my tears because I'm still laughing at 'To the Republic' and 'big blob' and now I'm imagining an invisible blob standing tall under Heaven, I explained to them that it was InDivisible not invisible and what indivisible meant...ok, back to Lydia)

Still just think about being invisible but also think about no one being able to break up the blob.
Just one big blob you can't crash.

With Liberty.
Just think about Liberty Kids and freedom, if you want, but I just think about Liberty Kids.

(Liberty Kids is a historical cartoon they watch about the American Revolution)

And Justice for all.
Just think about getting in trouble for something you did that was bad.

ok guys,
now let's say it.


Courtney said...
i'm CRYING with laughter. thank you for writing that down for us!

Bekah Boo said...

love them!

Amy said...

Awesome. Pretty sure this will be in my mind when our school says the Pledge every single day. :)