Wednesday, March 20, 2013

tour of Holly's recent loves...

this blog:

David Lebovitz
living the sweet life in Paris

I pretty much want to make of his recipes.

and this blog:

keiko lynn

totally wish I could just instantly have her talent for fashion,
super cute.

this floor cleaner and mop:

Bono Hard floor cleaner


Bono Microfiber Mop

Our homeowners left the mop and a little spray here and WOW.....I am in love.
It's quick, I can wash the microfiber thingy on the mop, my floors look WAY good (for like 30 seconds anyway until the 2 dogs and 4 kids come running in on them....but I digress...)

a new yoga I'm adding to my matter what.

Yin Yoga
and I'm using this book...but you gotta CUT all the yoga religion stuff from it, it gets dumb.
But, the book has all the postures and has some great 'flows' if you can't get to a class.
I'm lovin' the book!

Bikram has been incredible for me.
Has been huge in my healing.
But God knew I was at the point where I'd need more for healing my joints.
So, He moved us to California, to this city, in this house, where the nearest Bikram Yoga studio had JUST started teaching Yin yoga on Sunday nights -
It's a yoga specifically for the JOINTS and connective's what I'm dealing with!!!!!
I don't actually like it.
It hurts.
It makes me feel out of shape, old and dumb.
BUT, that's exactly why I need it.

The short of it is:
It's the opposite of Bikram.
You do it in normal temperatures.
Actually, the stiffer time of day for you, the better.

You hold postures for 3-20min's A PIECE.
It opens up the fascia around the body and when it is open it can stop tugging on your joints and allow your body to be the awesome creation it was meant to be and heal's wild.

I always wonder how incredible our bodies were before the garden.
If they can be this amazing now....what about then!?

Anyway, I think everyone should check it out, but that's because I'm excited about it and don't want to be the only one in the nursing home walkin' around - I want you to walk with me!

oh..and I totally listen to the Hillsong/Matt Redman/Paul Baloche Pandora Station while I sit my postures for 3-5 min's each....
Talk about a way to get your Hosanna on AND open up your hips!

Thai Fried Quinoa

gah.  I loved this.
two of my kids did.
two of my kid gagged and teared up.
One of my husbands...wait...that didn't go right.
MY HUSBAND loved it.
I want to swim in it....

This hand soap is at every sink in my house right now:

never underestimate the power of a good hand soap.
just don't.

(none of these pictures are legal.  I stole them all.  They all come from their original source.  please forgive....I just had to share)


Becky said...

Fun post!! These are some of my favorite kinds of post because I get really good ideas. I just happen to be looking for a floor cleaner because mine isn't cutting it and here is one!

Stacy said...

Ah!!! 2 dogs and 4 kids!!! I am so happy you will feel my pain!! that wasn't nice. sorry. But so FEW people know my agony and because you have 2 big...shedding dogs....I will moan through kids and dog hair with you!! I'm not laughing at you....I promise....I am thrilled I will no longer be along in my dog-legs-out-number-kids-legs world....although your legs will be equal. But I totally get the 30 seconds. totally.