Friday, March 15, 2013

God's timing... flippin' awesome.

I just got to be a part of a MIRACLE.

a bona fide, no joke, MIRACLE.

it's not my story to tell but in all this tension in my heart about being too peaceful (which translates into, "I am doing enough?")

God reaches down to touch my heart so dramatically that I can't help but KNOW it was a direct, black and white, MIRACLE and the reason it happened the way it did was because He asked me to do something (that I thought was too simple, but I knew I was supposed to do), I did it and BAM.


so, you know all that whining I've been doing?

scratch that.

I'm just gonna take this time and become the best. prayer. ever.  AND the best grace.giver.ever.

that's it.
that's the answer.

be so close you don't miss His voice - in the calm and in the storm......

the battle wages regardless.
there is a battle to fight regardless.

just wow....


Liza said...

OK - you're a tease. I need to know what happened!! (but, I'm happy for you, even if you can't tell :)

Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

the best pray-er.
the best grace giver.

oh so awesome. let it be true of me, too.

Amy said...

You're awesome.
That's all.
And you made my day with your comment the other day. I think I would love doing yoga with you. :)

i'm beccy. said...


Courtney said...

yes, yes you were a part!!! hoping to "tell" the story sometime this afternoon!!! you can link to it once it's done, if you want! i was just BASKING in it all weekend...didn't want to stop to touch this silly computer :-)

Missy said...

Ah! I can't wait to hear it!!!!!! Please share as soon as you can!