Tuesday, April 2, 2013

all the 'other' Easter stuff - parties and eggs.

I decided that the girls were all old enough to blow out the eggs before we dyed them this year.

we only 'squished' three eggs.
they did like it for awhile but it does take a lot of cheek muscle so I had to poke the holes really big but it was still really funny.

and totally worth it for this picture:

We used our eggs to decorate for an Easter Party on Sunday afternoon.
Because I don't care that we have only lived here for two months, we WILL have an Easter Party dang it.
Several people/families from Jake's work came over to feast with us, it was awesome.
Made this place truly feel like HOME!

(oh...and everyone start singing 'it's a small world after all' with me because the brother of the gal who is living in the home we rented in Virginia was at our Easter Table this year.....always blows me away!)

 wow...I have zero pictures of the adults!!
anywho...trust me, they were here!
 and they brought amazing things like this:

and for the record...Easter Egg Hunts are way more fun when you live in a forest!!!

 it was just about perfect!
so thankful to finally have the door of this house open to so many others!

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Missy said...

I see a couple adults in the back ground outside! Ha ha! I believe you! Glad that you were able to open your home and do Easter the Panter way. :~) Wouldn't be Easter at your house without a whole bunch people there with you!