Tuesday, April 2, 2013

THE Easter Pictures 2013

Happy Easter from the Panter Ladies to you!
(oh and from Bonnie!)

that's not a Panter Lady!!!

One of the reasons we were so excited to move to this side of the country was because we knew we'd have the opportunity to reconnect with a side of the family that we haven't had much time with.

(Both my mom and dad's extended family almost all live in the California/Oregon area!)

this is my AUNT SARAH!!!!!!!!
My dad's youngest sister.

She just happens to live in the SanFran area and just happened to be able to spend Easter Weekend with us.

SO FUN!!!!!!!!
We had a blast reconnecting and truly can't wait for more of Aunt Sarah.

The whole gang, hiding under awning by our front door because it decided to POUR down rain on Easter this year. (boo)

(Bonnie is the big girl, Violet is the little one.  Sophie is standing, Nora is squatting)


Courtney said...

at least 2 of my kids said they MISSED not being with the panters on easter :-)

Liza said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in this picture, Holly. BTW :)