Friday, April 19, 2013


....not my best 'area'.
and yet somehow, I birthed four children and married a guy who absolutely love this stuff!
me oh my....

I, once again, am giving it a shot.


 sophie, left, nora, right


oh, and I might be posting this from the bathroom.

where I went to hide after I stopped school and told them to all go clean something in silence...but not before they got a lecture about how kids in other countries would give their lives to have an education so YOU WILL NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT YOURS (score one for mom?) and then told them they weren't getting credit for their chore chart today....because that's just the morning we are having.
anyone else?

how many years have I hidden from the kids only to come blog about them?
something about looking at happy pictures of them has always been calming to me in our storms....once again, cheap therapy this little blog is.


Courtney said...

thanks for sharing your REAL morning. i needed to hear that!

Mandy said...

"how many years have i hidden from the kids only to come blog about them"

LOVE IT :) cheap therapy for sure.