Friday, April 19, 2013


my hips are getting better....but soooo not healed.
now I have a huge cyst in my knee and my elbow and shoulder are bothering me.

you know how sometimes no matter what the doctors say you know there is something going on and all your ailments are related?

that's me.

I'm thinkin' I just have joint issues in general.

I know that a lot of people in my life are gluten free and many of you are that way because of inflammation.

What should I read?
What books?
What blogs?
What websites?

Would love any info you have!!!!

Praying about maybe doing 6-12 months of gluten free but want to do all my research first....


Courtney said...

hmmm...interesting! i have no info to offer you. i do vaguely remember the blog "71toes" girl doing away with gluten and it made her feel better overall, but didnt' give her the specific results she was looking for (that i can't remember so it's super helpful, i know!)

Daphne said...

Holly, when I found out that I had a wheat allergy, I was completely overwhelmed. Now I find that there is a huge amount of food that I CAN eat. I really had to change my thinking though. What I eat now is whole ingredient based foods. Because I can eat almost every whole ingredient - all meats, fruits, vegetables, uncontaminated nuts, and dairy products. "Gluten free grains" and "gluten free cooking/baking" is a special treat or a something where I keep a few favorites on hand as go-to's for the sake of convenience when needed.

You can actually end up being less healthy if you substitute whole grains in your diet with a plethora of refined gluten free items.

That said, reading labels in a different way WILL become second nature for you. Oh, and watch out for sauces (all kinds), seasonings, and salad dressings. They are sneaky.

charlaruwe said...

We eat gluten free at our house too. We do this because we had gotten allergy tested and we were "highly sensitive" to it. We have ate this way for over a year now and are doing a lot better.
But about 3-4 months ago, I found a book called "Wheat Belly." It is a book mainly about the obesity in our country due to wheat products, but it also talks a TON about our health and how wheat/ gluten has such a negative impact on our bodies. It is really worth reading!
I also see a great chiropractic physicial here in Omaha for our health care needs and she has said that people with rheumatoid arthritis usually have a very high gluten allergy. I don't know if you are dealing with arthritis or not, but she said gluten does cause a lot of inflammation.

i'm beccy. said...

Been thinking on this for a long time. Haven't made the plunge yet because we are already dairy free... It is so hard to have to reinvent our diet. Just excuses. But I read this and it has stuck with me.
Paleo recipes are all over pinterest, etc. and are gluten free for starters. Love from NE!