Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the church hunt is still on...

we thought we may have found a church home.
it was so different and there were many things we just loved about it.

but last Sunday was it for us.
God has just said no.

Lots of reasons to stay, lots of reasons to go.

I was angry about it.
About just not having somewhere to go yet.

Why is it like this?


And I'm not alone, I know I'm not, people are making YouTubes about it and I want to laugh at them except I'm too busy being sad about it:


Courtney said...

i'm sorry....

Missy said...

That was actually really funny. But, I will refrain from posting my "LOL" and instead say I'm COTI (Crying on the inside.) :~)

Not trying to make light of this.(well, you know that I kinda am)

I know this is hard and sucks. But, we can stand in the truth that God doesn't mean for us to do life alone, separated from other believers. He desires to see your feet planted in a church home where you can serve and learn and grow....and He WILL plant your feet there. Don't be discouraged friend. In the words of George Michael, "you just gotta have faaaaith." (Because in all the cool churches they sing and quote secular singers as opposed to scripture. And you know we gotta be on that train in order to stay 'relevant' and keep our cool cards). :~)

Liza said...

This is my worst nightmare church :(

Praying for the amazing, DIFFERENT way he is going to use you in a church in CA.

Stacy said...

My prayers will continue for you through this. Be encouraged. Whatever it must must be super cool! Don't be discouraged....He is watching your heart and knows it and says..."Endure with me....I hung on the cross and can walk with me til I show you where I need you." maybe there are people and moments along the way that will be necessary in some way. Don't be sad shop girl.

Melanie said...

Ok, another comment from the crazy perfect stranger lady. It's just that this post was right below the homeschooling post. Anyway, I'm sorry you were feeling sad. I don't know what you're looking for in particular, but this is a link to a "meeting house locator" for the church we attend.
I don't know how I would ever survive without my knowledge of a Father in Heaven who loves me and has a plan for me. Good luck and hang in there!,0&z=2&m=google.road
(Just type in your home address and it will give the church address and what time they meet.)