Wednesday, April 24, 2013


* I think we've found a homeschool co-op here, finally.  We love ourselves a good co-op and they are hard to find/harder to get into....going on a field trip today with the group -
I am starting to feel that deep loneliness that always comes with moving.
It's hit me later than normal but it's just as hard.

* Still no church.
I am desperately wanting a church that cares about the broken, lost and hurting more than it cares about itself.
If I hear of one more 'CHURCH WORKDAY' referred to as service to the kingdom, I'm gonna puke.

ON that note, THIS is an excellent book.  I could kiss her.  I wouldn't actually, but I could.

* The weather here.
73 and sunny, every. single. day. this week.
Stop.  It's a sin what you're doing right now.

*  My hips flippin' hurt.
It's SO flippin' annoying.
Yoga helps.
Glucosamine takes the edge off.
Losing a ton 'o weight helped but it's time for the big guns.
I'll blog more about it when we're 'done' but for now, Jake and I are on a detox of all things inflammatory.
No gluten, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar and for me, no coffee (have no fear, I CAN do tea and I am doing lots of it).  30 days.  No cheating.
It's kinda of the same diet they put severe arthritic people on - this is all I got left.
I won't be talking about it a ton because I do not want food to define this blog or our family.   But it needed to be a bullet point because MY FRICKIN' HIPS HURT.

*  The girls.
Busy little beavers.
American Heritage Girls Club.
Co-Op field trips.
Great Neighbors (our only neighbors so it's a good thing they're great!).

* Working out.
Still doing Bikram.
Still running some.
But my new gig is this gal's Crossfit Blog - On week 3, haven't missed a day (she takes weekends off), it's hard core, I feel like a dude...not that I want to be a dude but ya know, I just feel hard core ;-).
Takes no more than 20 min's a day for me.
Usually a lot less.
So, I just tell myself, everyday, the torture will only last for 10 minutes, then I can works, I always finish.

* House projects.
I'm over them.
But I want them done.
Anyone wanna come finish decorating my house for me?
I'll cook for you ;-) (it just might not have any dairy, gluten or legumes...or sugar in it)

* I am listening to these books right now.
My new Hunger Games.  Not as deep as Hunger Games but just as addicting!
What is it with novels written to 12 year olds that appeal to me so much!?

* Just to balance that out, I have been reading Tale of Two Cities....more like trudging through.
Jake keeps telling me I'll 'get' what's going on but I don't know....I just don't know.  It makes me feel all sorts of unintelligent when I can't put down the YA fiction but have to make myself pick up Charles Dickens.  I should not be homeschooling our future citizens.

off to a field trip...


melanie myatt said...

i know that the chances of this being related are slim to zero, but my friend was having terrible shooting pains in her hip and she tried all kinds of things (hot yoga, etc.) and got the cortisone shots, etc. finally, finally, she just went ahead with surgery. they found the cause of the pain (spur causing tearing) and she is already doing much, much better. i know that the chances of you having the same problem are minimal, but i just wanted to encourage you if surgery became your last option, that it might be worth it in the end.

thanks for sharing the highs and the lows of your life. i have those too!

Tisha said...

I have tons of trouble with pain and stiffness in my hips also. I have heard about the paleo diet and wondered if it would help. You do it and let me know, okay? :) I'll be anxious to hear your results!

Courtney said...

hi!! :-)
i've been praying about your church deal. seriously. almost every time i run...and you know that's a lot! i know He is working on it...

i'm sorry about your hips! ugh! so so sorry! i'll be anxious to hear how the diet helps. i've been BAD BAD BAD since easter. ugh.

glad you love the crossfit blog! LOTS of running this week! i don't tihnk i've done any of's been a crazy week...but they look good!

i'm reading those books, too! just finished delirium, and got the next one from the library. but am reading "the false prince" that rebekah got me from her library :-) it's good! you would like it! such good escape from my life! and adult fiction is too graphic/etc.

i'm sure there's more. but that's all i can remember! love you!!