Monday, April 22, 2013


our weekends have been sooo fun lately.
California loves themselves a good festival, just sayin'.
Convenient 'cause so do the Panters!
Dog festivals, running festivals, safety festivals....we're IN!

And the free stuff....dude.
Never seen so many free festivals in my life....
the food (like, sno cones, hot dogs, chips, popcorn), the face painting, the horse drawn carriage rides, the bounce houses, the slides, the!?  Where are we!?

 The Daffodil raise money to plant daffodil's along the me some small town stuff!
The kids did a fun run and got a real metal.
I did the 5 k and got nothin' ;-).

 Daffodil Run's always taste better when you stop by the local drive up and have some homemade root-beer with hand dipped corn dogs, really, they do.

this is only Spring....We keep wanting to take fun day trips but can't seem to get out of our own town due to the FUN and FREE things goin' on - not to even mention or touch the hiking!

(last Friday we got together with some precious friends we've made here through our dog's rescue organization...we hiked with FIVE Golden Retrievers, FOUR kids and TWO pictures....think about was it's own festival!)

did I say we are loving it here yet?

Yes, all you curious people, it's Monday and it's 10am...and yes, we should be doing school.
But it's a yoga pants day.
It's a, "mommy needs to hide and blog about you" moment.
It's a morning that I am feeling lonely for some friends.
We will start and do school today, it will just be at a different time.
Apparently California Mondays are the same for me as Virginia and Nebraska and Ohio and Oklahoma and Colorado etc..... mornings.  Bummer.

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Missy said...

Looks like some serious fun!!

And dude....root beer....yummy.

Some military passing through actually just brought us 12 cans of root beer. We made root beer floats on Sunday, and some of our Danish and Belgian friends had rootbeer floats for the very first time! I felt quite proud to introduce them to that American classic. Gotta love root beer! And gotta love my Panter ladies looking cute with their big ole root beer mugs!