Wednesday, May 29, 2013

favorite times and pirates.

my nora and sophie conversation this morning:

S: Mommy, I have a new favorite time.
It's 2:43.

M: Oh? 2, 4, 3?

S: No. 2, 43.

M: because it has a 2, 3, and 4 in it?

S:  *blank stare* *blink blink* and a 'why would you say something so dumb' look on her face.

N: Mommy, does it go up to 9:49?

M: yes.

S: Nora, it just can't go up to 9:99. (duh)

N: Then that's my favorite time.
'Cause it's a song.

M: it's a song?

N: yep, I made it up, that's why it's my favorite time.

M: can you sing it for me?

N: *horizontal head shake*

end. of. conversation.

and, speaking of favorite times, we dressed up as pirates the other day for an American Heritage Girl thing -
Lydia and I had planned our costume for days.
The other three, however, decided they actually did want to dress up, but not until 30 min's before we needed to leave!!!!!

not bad...not bad....

 I LOVE that my girls love a good dress up party.
I now have a posse of dresser uppers.
*happy sigh*

Oh...and I love that I lived in California for 3 months but have had TWO opportunities to come up with a bomb costume.  It's like they knew I was coming or something!?


Chelle. said...

24 hours. 24 hours is a new record for little girls (4 of them?!) to steal my heart!
i have always said... God - please dont give me girls. i'll never know how to handle girls. whole opinion on this has recently (within the past week, dont ya know) shifted.
Also - i would rock Samantha's look any day of the week.
if that makes me a pirate, i'm okay with that.

Stacy said...

And because you do live in California...people probably wouldn't notice or say anything about a family of pirates walking around at the farmers market! love it!

KB said...

ok, you are the cutest pirate ever! Love this!