Monday, June 10, 2013

oh right.

I blog.

I forgot.


here's something cute!

identical twins...

even in their sleep.

I debated whether or not to even post this picture.
Not 'cause they aren't adorable or the fact that they are sleeping in the exact same position (and we see them do that all. the. time.) isn't hilarious 
but because I still haven't finished decorating their rooms and Nora's bed spread needs some serious time in a washing machine.
In my defense, those blankets are supposed to go UNDER a quilt.
And I refuse to pay more than $30.
Which means it might take me a while.
Which means, in the mean time, her cute little stinky dirty feet get to go on a white blanket on a regular basis.  Good plan Holly. Good plan.
I just found Sophie's quilt a few weeks ago though so....there's's coming Nora, I's coming.
Until then.
Let's wash your blanket, huh?


Amy said...

Love it!

Missy said...

Very cute. Love the dirty white blanket!