Friday, May 10, 2013

San Fran Day 1

Alta Park - where my dad used to play as a kid.

 my aunt sarah snuck up on the girls all dressed in black with fun!

 bubbles make you the popular kid at the park in san fran, by the way
 is your great aunt this cool?

 theirs is!
 Golden Gate Bridge!!!!
fog and all!

 the bridge is 1.7 miles one way...
we walked to the second tower and back.
almost made it!
close enough.
 who knew? you can even nap on the bridge!?
Lydia is proof:

 um...dear shoulder, no one invited you to this party, wardrobe malfunction, sorry.
 that's better.
 Sophie's hair really liked the bridge.
 that is a man, on a bike, with a trailer, with three dogs attached by one leash - I'd equate it to a train wreck.

 our cute little one star hotel ;-)
 Union Square Art!
 China Town:

Lydia loves her some China Town...the girl can SHOP.

 I have decided to set up shop:

 In one day we went from California, to China to Italy.
Dinner in Little Italy.
 And a 'how to ride the hand rails' lesson from Aunt Sarah wrapped up day 1.
That is one crazy city folks.
There are no words.
It's just soooo intriguing!
The streets, the houses....just wow.

Day 2 next...


Liza said...

This is great! I love San Francisco. Great photos. Can't wait to see Day 2 :)

Bekah Boo said...

SO SO SO fun!!!!
that first picture of the girls and the bridge! amazing!

Missy said...

I am diggin' the girls fringed purses! Love those! And the fact that you now have a family pic in front of the Golden Gate. Oh the places we go.... :)

Courtney said...

love the family pic. LOVE the girls purses! did they make those?!? i need to know!
that last picture! my heart is in my throat. she is crazy!