Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Camping Trip to Rollins Lake

the girls American Heritage Girl group went a' campin' this past weekend.
um...it was....um...

I'm glad we went?
I am.
The girls got to earn some badges, we got to work out kinks with camping with the dogs.
We got to determine we are NOT the 'let's go camping with strangers' family.
Good. Good to know.

Quick post because I want to get this up here before we head to San Fran in the morning!!!!
Now THAT I'm excited about!!!

I LOVE love love that Lydia wore flower jeans camping.
Gosh dang she's cute...

Nora left, Sophie right, cuteness all sides.

 I'm not sure who this is but Jake and I decided it was a cute OLD couple so we are posting it here.
(what the heck!? we do NOT look this old in real life!!!!)
 yes, we camp barefoot.
even in poison oak infested woods...yes, even then folks...

 we play frisbee and tie the dogs up, it's fun torture.
you should try it.
(not really, our dogs don't 'do' fetch)

freak. mommy. out.

 campfire singing, fun lighting...
 tie dye and orange shorts, CAN'T BEAT IT!
 earning their knot tying badge
 her crossed legs are TOO MUCH!

friendship bracelet badge!

 fishing badge.
 map and compass badge.
I say Sophie (L) and Nora (R) get the badge just 'cause they look so cute while they are listening!
 the Nap Badge:
 and the Hangin' with Daddy Badge! (THE best!)

the trip was actually kinda miserable, but it made me excited to camp some more, on our terms...
more camping adventures, here we come!

Until then...it's the city baby...
will be back with Golden Gate Bridge pictures!


Courtney said...

i kinda want to hear more. why it was miserable.

but have fun in the CITY!!

Missy said...

I think it's funny that your kids made up half the group!

And you guys do NOT look old!! Yes, Jake is getting a little bit of salt in his pepper hair, but it actually makes him look more blondish right now. I see a blond dude next to my forever twenty something friend. :) However, be warned...camping will do that to ya...it will age you, I'm fully convinced of that. (from your friend who doesn't camp :) ) The whole sleeping in a tent while you eat pork and beans outta a nasty jar....yeah, eww. Camping is not your bodies friend.

Go to the woods. Bring a lawn chair. Makes it feel more "campingish". Take a hike. And then go home and sleep. That's my motto.

Or make like Harry Potter and find a way to turn your tent into a dazzling two story cottage. (I'm sure there's someone you know that you could ask about more details on that with. ;) )

Okay, have fun in San Fran! I love that city! OMG you need to take the girls to Fort Point....it's an old army base right next to the Golden Gate Bridge! We went there as part of a photo workshop so bring your camera if ya go!

Bekah Boo said...

i echo missy's comment!
and i loved your comments. ahhh
and I LOVE SAN FRAN!!! Top 3 favorite cities in the states for me!

Stacy said...

Oh! You missed us!!