Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I don't care that she is an identical twin.
She is my baby.
It's only by 7 minutes and yet....
She. is. my. baby.

We all have one.
She is mine.

I also truly believe that she puts all the birth order books to shame.
If you didn't know she was my baby, you'd swear she was a first born.
She takes charge, she thinks clearly, she is always trying to do the RIGHT thing.
The girl loves to follow some rules.
Sensitive and yet firm.

 Her 'funnies' only grace us once in a blue moon, she knows how to laugh at others but doesn't super enjoy being laughed at.
Actually....she hates it.
It's the perfectionist in her.
She can't help it.
 Still loves her some bugs.
If she (and Nora) do NOT grown up to be some sort of insect scientist, I. WILL. BE. SHOCKED.
it is insane.
They catch and accidentally cook in bug cages insects by the dozens, daily.
Sophie, you are fun kid.
So super fun.
So deep.

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