Sunday, June 23, 2013

breakfast. even if it "breaks" us.

so, Jake and I did a Whole30.
We are sold.
It's the direction we've been heading in food wise anyway so I think I'm safe to say, this is our new normal.
Whole foods.
Very very very little legumes, pretty much no grains, super duper minimal sugar...blah blah blah, that Whole30 link up above explains it way better than me.
Also, the book Practical Paleo is awesome and if you're curious, get it from your library or borrow it or something.

Jake and I feel great.
Really really great.

Well, I do until I go and make a PB&J sandwich for my kids or pour them a bowl of processed cereal with pasteurized/lacking in enzymes milk or until I dole out the goldfish.
Then I feel crappy.

We have already been working on getting them (and by 'them' I really just mean Nora and Sophie) to eat more variety and eat whatever I put in front of them, period.
It's been going really well.

Takin' it to the next level.
I have already switched their lunches to more whole foods type of things and dinner, they are eating what we eat.
That leaves breakfast and snacks to be contended with.

Tackling breakfast.
We are one week in and really, it was fun.

I did some poking around with Lydia online.
We decided on 7 or 8 different menu items.
They will all eat the same breakfasts (it was a free for all before).
It will have no grains.
It will have a fruit or veggie.
It will have lots of protein and healthy fats to hold them over.
Because morning snack is disappearing.

that is the #1 rule.
(again, to Lydia and Samantha mostly...Nora and Sophie are getting better but still working on it)

(supposed to be a smiley face...can't you see it? think 'Monsters Inc' and maybe that will help!)

The Menu from this week was:

Almond Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Sausage
Green Smoothies and Bacon
(almond milk, raw whole milk vanilla yogurt, banana, frozen strawberries and spinach)
Avocado chunks, Fruit and Chicken Apple Sausage 
(chicken apple sausage from Costco, no chemicals or additives or anything you can't pronounce or anything you have to look up basically)
Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
Breakfast Cookies and Sausage

(for now, I'm deeming weekends as 'whatever you want' breakfasts.
Jake usually cooks something fun or gets donuts so I'm just not touching that right now but I know that he is poking around at still doing fun breakfast but doing more stuff like Almond Pancakes or Pumpkin pancakes or 'Paleo' type of sweet breakfasts)

You are welcome to a glass of Almond Milk or Raw Whole Milk with your breakfast any morning.
If I could, it was all made in advance, I put it out on cute plates when I got up and then when they got up they just put it all together on their plates.

 the week got mostly good reviews:
Samantha is not a fan of plain avocado.
Guacamole, she's IN, avocado, no.
So, I will tweak that.
Because really, guacamole in my house is just avocado with more veggies added - a tweak I'm down for.

Nora was skeptical.  She always is about food. (and by skeptical I mean 'mad that she has to try it')
BUT, she ate two more of those cookies for breakfast that morning I said, better...getting there.

I had fun doing it.

They loved it.
Which surprised me.
a lot.

score one for mom.
(I needed a 'score' this week, geez.  I just did. My 'score' was way down!)


Kristine Rudolph said...

Big thanks for the link to the Almond Butter & Banana pancakes!

Courtney said...

too bad we don't live closer. our kids could commisserate (sp?) together :-)