Sunday, June 23, 2013

we win!

In one weekend the girls and I have scored:

5 free tickets to a kids classical music concert and festival

2 free tickets to a Storytelling Festival ($20 each!)
1 free Razor Scooter (Lydia, in a raffle)
4 entry tickets, 4 rides and free parking to the California State Fair (same raffle)

and best of all,
Lydia won $40 in a Canon Ball Contest.

I kid. you. not.
She even beat that kid on the right:

nice tuck sister!
(she's on the left)

 winning splash...on the right, OBVIOUSLY!

oh, and shout out to the Master of the Games.
the kid on the left got a bigger 'shout' (it was being judged by the crowd's ability to shout) but the Master of the Games gave it to Lydia because it was so obviously BIGGER!

(and next year, for $40, I'm IN!)

I can now never say "We never win anything".
Instead I'll just say, "Lydia, go enter that contest".
funny funny.

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Missy said... Cow!! That is a whole lotta winning! And seriously impressed with Lydia's cannon ball form! Definitely win worthy. =) Question though...isn't that pool that the kids are jumping into as least semi-deep...deep enough to do a cannon ball in? Why the heck is the kid she beat on the right standing on the water?! He's having a Jesus moment! I don't know, that's pretty awesome, there shoulda been another prize for kids who can stand on water!