Thursday, July 25, 2013

the girl who turned my world upside down:

The girl who turned my world upside down and made me a mommy exactly 
years ago today.

There is not a more tender, precious or deeper nine year old on the planet.
I can't believe this little girls childhood was entrusted to her daddy and me but boy are we blessed and blessed and blessed by her because of that.

We are so proud of her and we are so delighted in her.

And because she rocks at being the first born, I don't exactly know how I'd function without her.
I told a doctor my age the other day and LYDIA had to correct the doctor.

Last year of single digits.

On one hand I want to sit on her head and keep her from growing.
On the other....I truly can't wait for it to happen because I'm so excited about who she is and who she's becoming.

This girl blows our minds....


Bekah Boo said...

love her! love her!
Give that sweet one a massive squeeze for me and tell her I love her!

Liza said...

Ah, this is precious. Happy Birthday, Lydia Rose!! We love you and your Mama and Daddy and sisters lots and lots.

Mache said...

Happy Birthday Lidia, Bella and Nikki send lots and lots of hugs. we love you.

Missy said...

Tell her happy birthday from us! She has a little gift coming in the mail from the girls! (as do the other three =) )