Friday, July 26, 2013


Jake's youngest brother, Josh, his awesome wife, Amber, and their adorable son, our nephew, Sawyer (15 months) came to visit us for one glorious week!!!!

We had grand plans to drive to the Glass Beach and then to the Redwoods but after a HORRENDOUS flight to even get here, we decided to ax that plan and just rip up this area instead.

Good news.
'This area' means things like:
Lake Tahoe (50 min's from our front door step people...MINUTES!)
The Yuba River (there is no describing this, you just have to come and see for yourself.)
Our adorable towns, Nevada City and Grass Valley.
Trails and trails and trails.
Amazing food.
Beautiful weather...

It was fun to do all of that but even more than all of that list, it was fun to just BE.

Jake comes from a big family so it's fun to get to really know each of them and their families separately like this.

Thank you for such a fabulous week!
We can't wait to meet baby #2!!!

Lake Tahoe:

 Uncles who play with their nieces pretty much rock.
These girls have no idea how blessed they are by that.
Four uncles and they ALL love kids.
 I am loving these kinds of shots much going on, so random, so often!
 sweet mama who is doing such a good job and a sweet sweet boy.
 Yes, let's attempt a group shot of the kids....with a 15 month old.
 ONE of the three or four visits to the Yuba.
We all went as a group once but then Jake took Josh back a few times and Amber, Samantha and I went another time.
When it's only 15 min's away, you get kind of addicted:

hangin' out with all the crazies in our little town - just fitting in:

Sawyer let me hold him...just a few times, and I had to let him pinch the back of my arm the whole time but HE DID, and I have proof! 
(he might be going through a full on attachment anxiety phase...might)
 the boys of the week:
 hiking at Lake Tahoe

our day at one of the Lake Tahoe beaches...

 nap time with Uncle Jake....

so, when are you coming back!!!!????

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Missy said...

Oh man, we never made it to Lake Tahoe while we lived there! I hear it's so incredible, and from your pictures it looks awesome! Love the crisp blue water with the mountains in the background. Looks like an incredible time! So glad you had a great visit. And that third pic from the top with Lydia in her uncle's lap...oh my gosh she looks so mature! I can't believe she's nine!