Tuesday, September 3, 2013

see, this is what happens....

I am like 4 weeks behind on a Bible study I'm doing with friends.

I decided to be a big girl and not give up but just pick up where they were and forge ahead.

But this is what happens:

Get everyone breakfast so they'll leave me alone.  They have their morning list to do.  This is gonna be good.  I'm gonna read my Bible and pray and journal!

Light a 'don't talk to me candle'.

Get asked 4,000 questions (and no, I don't answer them because they aren't supposed to be talking to me and yet, they just keep asking!!!)

Somehow get one page journaled in between the 4,000 questions.

Hear God speaking to me about the Lord of Hosts!  How big His armies are and just how much they are at his disposal and...(James 5)


Nora 'accidentally' sharpens the eraser side of her brand new pencil and doesn't realize it until I'm freaking out because I can't stand the noise of the pencil sharpener (it's electric and I could tell it wasn't working but when you have a kid that accidentally sharpens the eraser side of pencils she doesn't exactly pick up on the nuances of the noises of the sharpener).

Three sisters are waiting to sharpen their new pencils for their first day of their new Co-Op tomorrow so....

I STOPPED journalling, got up and spent the next FORTY minutes figuring out WHY the pencil sharpener wasn't working.

When we figured out WHY.....oy vey kid.

HOW does this child KILL us at games like Spot It with little teeeeeny tiiiiny details but gets the ends of her pencil mixed up!?

I saved a $50 pencil sharpener.
Everyone has three very pretty, new pencils for their first day.

I have one page journaled.....
I didn't yell....sorta.

Why does it not feel as victorious as it looks all listed out like that?

This is what happens.

This is why I'm four weeks behind!
This is why my blog is so neglected!
This is why, if you've emailed or called lately and I haven't responded back.

And for the record. I DID get up before them but it's 'Bedroom' day on my cleaning list and by the time I was done cleaning the bedroom, which I wanted to do before I left my bedroom, they were all UP.

Maybe if I get up at like 3am....me and Susan Wesley.

 I love this girl.
And she keeps us all in stitches.
EVEN when she gets the sides of the pencil confused.
The details she catches and the details she misses...I love them all.

now to try and finish that journalling...

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Daphne said...

And this is why I don't let my kids use the expensive sharpener, not even my 8 year old who is allowed to use the one in his classroom at school. I sharpen all the home pencils all at once every so often. I also keep control over all of the scissors. Cause I don't trust them to think on a continual basis.