Monday, October 21, 2013


this, my friends, is what 37 looks like in our house:
 Present time!!!!!
Jake has made homemade ice cream since we got married.
His maker finally broke a few weekends ago.
We got him a new maker and a new cookbook and we now have some 'ice cream excitment' going on in this house.
And we may already have a batch of Vanilla Bean Banana with swirls of homemade White Chocolate Carmel Ice Cream in our freezer right now.
Be jealous.
It's that good.

 Pecan pie with 8 candles.
So that each girl could put two candles in and because it's absurd to put 38 candles in a pie.

It's now tradition.
For the last several birthday's and Christmases I have taken the girls to thrift stores and let them each pick out a present for Jake.
The grand total this year was $6.
A suit jacket (that..uh...fits him perfect! score!), a coffee mug made in Italy, a candle holder, also made in Italy and a beautiful soap dish.
And if you know Jake at all, you know he LOVED all of that!
Spoiled boy.

But the truth is this:

He raises the bar of what it means to be husband, dad and friend.
And we get to reap the benefits of that raised bar on a daily basis.

Just love love love.


Bekah Boo said...

i love how the girls look at him.
makes me smile!
happy birthday to mr. panter!

Amy said...

So sweet! I love the thrift store idea! :)

Missy said...

Oh, love Lydia's face in the cake picture and I love Samantha's face in the last pic. Eish! Them girls are giddy for their daddy! So sweet!