Monday, October 21, 2013

this just happened.

 we promised.

introducing the newest Panters:

Merlin (grey)
Diggory (tabby)

6-8 wks old - not sure - abandon by mama and adoptive mama was done.

because we went for the kittens but we couldn't leave without the cat that will literally let you hold and pet her upside down and almost never runs from you when you go to pick her up.
she's a 'teenager' 
not sure what that means exactly other than she is still a kitten but just a little bigger.
we're kinda smitten with our kittens.

Not sure what I was thinking when I came home with three cats.
In my defense, we took all possible kittens to take.
Yes, there is an almost constant argument over who is holding or not holding a cat.
Yes, someone is constantly in trouble for disobeying my instruction on how to hold and handle the cats.
The first day home, the four human kittens might have spent three hours on their beds for disobeying us THAT many times.
And those same kittens woke up the next morning with more disobedience in store.
I'm am now of the school of thought that kittens have some weird hold over children's brains.
Kittens have the power to brainwash.

You'd think this would make me upset with kittens.
Um....have you ever seen a kitten?

It just makes me baffled and wonder if maybe we are out of q-tips and my children just can't hear what I'm saying?

In the meantime, please pray the kittens live.
Other than extreme handling, they are thriving.
It's just the extreme handling is extreme and I'm not confident any living creature could withstand it.

And if the cats live, I might fade away from exhausted frustration.

Who's idea was THAT!?

Oh right.
That would be me.

Buck up Holly.


Liz W. said...

what just happended?? 3 cats, 2 dogs...I feel like I don't know you anymore ;-)

Beckysblog said...

We got a kitty too!

I'm of the school of thought that every homeschool needs a kitty!

Missy said...

Ah! Welcome to the cat club! They are precious! That's a lot of animals happenin' over in your house! That's a whole lotta love to have in one place!