Thursday, January 9, 2014

ah yes...the random virus that not so randomly shows up right on time.

UPDATE:  so....Tina was the first to comment on this this morning.  And this my friends, is why you whine on social media.  Because awesome people offer awesome advice!  She suggested putting drops of raw milk in their eyes.  We emailed for a few details and two drop-sessions and several hours later their eyes are almost COMPLETELY back to normal.  W.i.L.d.!!!!!!  so cool!!!! There may be 3 hours of yoga in my future after all....

ah yes.
10 days into "the big D".
Pink Eye.
In the twins.

Of course.
Of, stinkin', course.

 I feel bad for them.  It itches and burns and pusses and all they want to do is touch and pick and scratch it.
All I want to do it fix it for me them.
And I feel bad for me.
Wah.  I haven't been able to go to my yoga for 7 days.  That's a huge break for me.  I had a babysitter for tomorrow.  I was going to get to go for 3hrs straight.  She has three kids.  Triple wah!  I miss my yoga dang it.

I just HAD to go and write about jumping in a 'selfless' pool, hair and all, didn't I?
Yes, yes I did.

But, military or 'traveling husbands' sista's this is making me laugh today:

you're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Oh those sweet girls look miserable! Do you have access to raw milk there? If so, putting drops of raw milk in their eyes will clear it right up.


Missy said...

OH my GOSH!!! That was the FUNNIEST "Things that happen when your spouse is away" thingy I've ever read!! I died about the sexting when she said a "dementor suit"! Bah ha ha!! And the poop texts, "half in half out" OH MAN! Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I was needing a good laugh, and that fit the bill!!

And, sorry about the girls. =( They look pretty miserable.

Robyn-coolestmommy R said...

While I'm so sorry about the girls not feeling well, I'm laughing so hard about the list that I'm crying. Oh my goodness--it's a seesaw. Lordy, can't stop laughing...

Anonymous said...

Well, they may have pinkeye, but at least they still look gangsta!