Tuesday, January 21, 2014

beat up, read on.

just a day where this girls feels beat up.
by motherhood.
by the military.
by viruses.
by the orthodontist and the vacuum repair shop.
by my children, unbeknownst to them....although I beknownst them, let me tell you!

(shoot...even my cat just jumped up at clawed at my foot while I was typing this....beat up I tell ya.)

in lieu of boring negative details about just another hard day around here,

I'll just tell you all to go read a book that is much more fun.

by A.G. Howard

Total fantasy.
Sort of an Alice in Wonderland remake...but not...way better.
Just plain fun.
You feel beat up today too?
This is the book for you sister....

I mean really, this book needs to be read strictly based on the art work:
I listened to it as an audio book but I have seen it in print too - the print is in PURPLE!  Like I said, it begs to be read.....

and I just realized book 2 came out a few weeks ago so here I go!!!!


Missy said...

Ugh, I hear ya. I've been feeling too bad to even read the past couple days! That's how I know when I'm really sick...I can't even read! Sad! But I have this on my list! I will get to it at some point, but I have many others from you I have to read too. =) Was praying for you as I woke up this morning, praying Jesus re energizes you while you sleep friend.

Jennifer Conant said...

Lifting you up in prayer right now! I can SO relate (except for the deployment part!). Praying that today you see God's mercy and grace in ways that you have never seen them before. Hugs from Texas!

Beckysblog said...

Praying for you as your husband is away.

You military wives are strong stuff. Thank you!

Courtney Cassada said...

just started "cinder" - am liking it! you have great book recommendations. thanks!

LOVE you!