Sunday, January 19, 2014

ramble ramble ramble....


"Mommy, can we please not go anywhere today!?"

I'm not sure who's kids these are but they begged to....stay home.
Truth be told, I was needing a day like that too.
It's my habit to make a plan and GO somewhere so it's beautiful that I have built-in accountability that make me STAY sometimes.

After a quick donut run (that doesn't count).
We came home, plugged in the older version of Pride and Prejudice

(no, sorry, I like the newer one better...I canNOT get over the fact that Colin Firth is NOT good looking...or manly...or good at playing Mr. Darcy...he's just not...there.  I said it.  I also do not like this season of Downton better get better!)

and we colored in paisley coloring books.

For two hours.

Moms of boys...are you scratching your heads yet?
My time is coming...have no fear.
You will get your revenge.

 My little ones may have seen the other P&P so many times that we spent the entire two hours (which is only 1/2 the movie, by the way) tearing it apart and comparing it!  I can't wait until they read the book and can REALLY tear it up with me!  Now THAT will be an amazing Saturday!

You can kinda see Lydia and Digory's little 'moment' all over Lydia's face and arm here:

We did venture back out at night for dinner with Mr. Bob and Ms. Jody....but that doesn't count either.
Restaurant = 6 min's away
People = family

So...Saturday we rested and got projects done (After the two hours of sitting I was all pent up with energy and buzzed around like a bumble bee until dinner!  I can only take so much sitting!  You people who can veg' all day, I'm actually confused about that...and maybe a little jealous!?  Mostly confused.)

"Mommy, we can't go to church today because now I have pink eye." - Lydia

That is what I get for blogging to the whole dag gum world that we cleared it up.
I may have cursed cried a little in frustration.

It is just pink eye but it's also annoying and frustrating and keeps IN more than this girl really likes to be IN.
Apparently my built in accountability wasn't enough.
I needed a highly contagious virus to smack me down further.


Fine.  So many projects around here that need my TLC anyway.

And, in case I was feeling grumpy about it...there's this:

Pink for breakfast anyone? Good grief I lurv her.  (it's Lenora, by the = Lenora...always.)


Also on Sunday:


"Rubenstein, the great musician, once said, "If I omit practice one day, I notice it; if two days, my friends notice it; if three days, the public notice it."  It is the old doctrine, "Practice makes perfect."  We must continue believing, continue praying, continue doing His will.  Suppose along any line of art, one should cease practicing, we know what the result would be.  If we would only use the same quality of common sense in our religion that we use in our everyday life, we should go on to perfection.  

Luke 18:1
Always pray, never give up.

1 Thess 5:17-18
Pray continually
Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

(THAT verse packs such a huge punch for so few words!)

This convicted me.
And I love it.
I 'practice' a lot of things daily and diligently:
Yoga, running, cleaning my house, school with the girls, showering, eating....

And if I 'used the same quality of common sense in my religion'.....

Praying about that one.

Praying I seek Him just as tenaciously as I seek breakfast every morning.
(dude, I LOVE breakfast)

I ebb and flow with 'how' I seek Him daily and have had no real rhythm since moving here.
Happens every time I's just a by product of having your roots RIPPED out from under you every few years.  Ouch.

It's almost been a year - time to pull it together Holly.
Daily, don't give up.  It's common sense.


Camiva Mom said...

Amazing how God makes us smile in all circumstances. We truly kind find joy everywhere! Thanks for posting that! Loved reading it. Made me smile since I am home recovering this week and couldn't go to church either! Blessings!

Liza said...

I love that quote about practice. Reminds me of 2 Timothy 1:7 (which also just happens to be a good "D" verse for us both) - "For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline." Every since learning ASL - and learning that the "sign" for discipline is almost the same as the sign for "practice" and "training" (just with a different "letter"), I think about self-discipline, and discipline from God, in this way - like diligent practice. Which is exactly what it looks like you're doing :) Love you!