Friday, January 3, 2014

because I know you woke up thinking,

"I wonder if the Panter dogs pooped on the carpet again this morning?"

And I'm a good friend.
I do not, in any way, want to leave you hangin'...

It went like this:

Eat it furry balls.
You poop...this is how you'll roll:

Holly 1
Dogs 0

(let's not count the last two mornings, 'cause then it wouldn't look like I'm winning, k?)

(they actually like these things I'm just lazy and vain - vain: they look dumb in my living room so I put them outside during the day, lazy: I don't want to bring them in every night and until the last two night, I HAVEN'T HAD TO!  A few people I've talked to are chalking it up to the big "D" word - I'm chalking it up to the fact that Bonnie has found the cat food - it could be a combo. Either way, I WON.)

Well, I sort of won.
I will finish winning when I get my vacuum cleaner back from the repair shop this weekend.
Please tell me this stuff happens to other people too?

In the mean time, Baking yo' thing.

I'm gonna go work on my victory dance sos it's ready for this weekend.....


Amber Day said...

It's not just you. After two years of bragging that my cat had never had an accident, it happened. I bought a new litter box when we got married but still had liners from the old one. It fit the box kind of weird but I figured it'd be okay. Apparently Twitch found this unacceptable. When I went to change it a few days later, it was completely empty. After some searching I found he'd been going behind the tv for the last few days. Ugh!

Missy said...

Ah yes....been there, for many many years. I think my carpet was permanently covered in baking soda our last two years in Nebraska. Poor Chief, he was so sick. Kudos to you for bringing the smack down!! Let em know who's boss!