Monday, January 27, 2014

cray cray.

I'm not sure WHAT we were thinking but another friend of mine and I decided to drowned our Big D sorrows in a weekend full of EIGHT kids.....

This is how crazy people smile and pose for pictures.
All cute and delirious.

You might think we're crazy.
And you'd be right.

We literally take up the first FIVE spots of a ride.
Are those dudes laughing at us!? thinks they iz.

And this rooster looks way less than enthusiastic about the whole thing too.

You  might think we're crazy but we are no dummies.

That, my friends, coupled with another day that we took the brood of children to see Frozen and chow on some chicken at Chick fil A, a few babysitters so mama's could go shop and the help of a few Netflix one more weekend DOWN.


The kids were amazing.
No, really.
They were.
Like...EIGHT of them.

The mama's didn't do too bad either!
Hey...we had reason to not be, k.

Funny....the last time I was at Six Flags with this girl, we were kidless.
kid.less. and now EIGHT.

heh heh....pretty sure we had even more fun this time though....well, 
except for that dumb Big D thing.

Over it.
I'm just over it.
As over it as I am I do love that weekends like this make time ZOOM by.

Zoom zoom zoom...go go go!!!!


Missy said...

That IS crazy. =) But it's the crazy moments that make life so fun and memorable! Glad you could kill a weekend with such a a good friend! Sounded like a blast!

Liz said...

Reading that, brought back some memories. I recall a specifc trip to the Omaha Zoo with many, many, many little children....

and I agree weekends are the worst, but staying busy is key. Hang in there!