Thursday, January 23, 2014


We may be a small town, but we are a mighty town.

It's been one year.  Only.  And the girls and I have had so many opportunities to be inspired by art.

Our Art Walks (Friday night art festivals), the art galleries, children's theatre, classical theatre,  the art shows, the art sales.
This place is oozing with art.

Here are two of our recent inspirations:

There is a precious family (whom we also just happen to get our meat, eggs and milk from) that we have had the joy of getting to know while living here and their oldest daughter...uh hem...a teenager...has written a novel.

A. novel.
A. teenager.

If I wasn't so stoked about her inspiring my girls, I might feel 2 inches tall.
Except they just aren't 'those' people so even still, I probably wouldn't feel that way.

Amazing I tell ya.
Ty is just amazing.  (as are every single other member of her clan!)

On our ONE rainy day this year, we were privileged to be at her very first book signing!!!!!

You did marvelous Ty!!!
We can't wait to read the book!
It's SO up my alley!

the book?

click on the link, read it with me!

My girls came home and immediately started writing books.  Look for them to be published soon!

And do you know who this dude is?
I didn't either.
Except I did and didn't know it.

 His name is Rod Rodecker.
He draws the dragons on the PBS cartoon:
Dragon Tales.
Um...that is a famous show!!!! 

And he lives IN OUR TOWN.

Which means he does cool shows and fundraisers for charities in the area.
He also just happens to have Golden Retrievers from the same animal rescue we do and when we went to this particular show, we were one of six people in the room who'd adopted from there!

He drew a dragon for each one of the girls and they immediately started trying to copy his work to learn how to draw dragons themselves.

 We weren't even home yet when it all started:

I love inspiration.
I love to be inspired.

I love that my girls love it and that the inspiration for things they love are so abundant here!


Gotta go.
There are three very distracting little girls upstairs being loud while the fourth girl is trying to have a piano lesson.
I will win.

Which reminds me.
Samantha is inspired to play the piano because her teacher wears really really cute high heel shoes to her lesson every week.

Like I said, we love some good inspiration!


Missy said...

I think this is SO cool!! You have an author and an artist just hanging around for the girls to soak up inspiration from. And I am mega impressed with the teens book! I mean, seriously, what 16 yr old does that....just has a legit novel? Next time you see her give her a high five for me!

Erika C. said...

This whole post made my day!! So flippin cool!!