Wednesday, January 22, 2014

hey...I'm a SAHM...I can't be earth shattering every day!

It was an almond butter making afternoon.
I've use this gal's notes on the subject twice now and am hooked.
The 3lb bag of almonds at Costco butters up into this much:

(I think that's a 32oz jar)
My Costco has stopped selling almond butter for now and I should go thank them because now I just make a more awesomer version for about the same price...maybe $3-$4 cheaper, but at the very least, the same price.

Our favorite thing to use it for are these pancakes:
I make a batch a week and the girls eat them for 2-3 breakfasts.
They reheat in the microwave beautifully.
Sooooooo yum.
You're welcome.

I also use almond butter and apples as my 'treat' or dessert at night when I feel like I just need really really want 'that'.

Aren't you glad you came to the blog today?
I mean really...Almond changing stuff today people!

Oh...and is it January or June?
'cause we are SO confused around here.
We are literally having 'record breaking' warm weather...see:

That's it.
I'm rockin' a high fish braid very very soon.
Lydia's vision proves I can, so I must:
And I JUST noticed that I'm also the only one rockin' a nose.....
Noses and fish braids baby!


Liza said...

I'm dying at the number of animals in this picture (and your house). There are more animals than people! haha

Sara said...

Well, the dogs and cats have noses too :P The rest of the family seems to do just fine without smellers :P Tell Lydia I approve of her artistic skills :)

Beccy said...

Thanks for the pancake recipe. I needed a new one to try, however there will never be pancake leftovers at my house. No matter how many I make they ALL get eaten. Every time. And I only have two boys right now.... Can I just say thanks for all your food and curriculum recommendations. It saves me a whole lot of time. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I am inly 36!