Monday, January 6, 2014

one weekend down....

weekends are the hardest.


2 hikes, which led to
100's of stickers in the dogs fur
6 donuts
11 Awana sections
1 turn in the church nursery (four words: little baby hipster boys...I melted)
2 movies
8 bagel pizzas
1 blog post (check me out bloggin' so much!)
1 package to Jake
2 Facetimes (SOOOO thankful for this!!!!)
1 borrowed vacuum (because mine is still gone)
5 birthday cards (man! Jake's side of the family knows how to party in Jan!)
1 girls night out (thanks Awana!)  that turned into the crashing of some friends date night....LOVE me a small town!
lots more audio book (The Book!!! just wow.)
started first batch of homemade Kombucha...we shall see.
fermented applesauce researched and awaiting it's turn.
cleaning, eating, cooking, reading and just stuff.
just stuff.

stuff to keep up distracted.

nailed it.

still missing someone but still.
one weekend DOWN baby.

for my local peeps, the two hikes were:
Fairy Falls and Snow Mountain Ditch

1 comment:

Missy said...

Sounds like you're doing good!
Yay for girl's night! And I"m gonna have to google "kombucha"to see what the heck that is. And I heard The Book Thief was very good, which is also now (or soon), a movie!