Friday, January 17, 2014

that felt gooooood....

I GOT TO GO TO MY YOGA TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(gah! sorry for that outburst but I went from going 4x's a week's been a while....)
3 hrs and 84 postures later....I feels gooood.

We cleared up the pink eye this week.
Our weather has been out of this world.  Well, obviously IN this world, but just amazing.
Shoot, even the moths are confused.

We've run, walked, played, worked, talked, hugged.

Our school journal (I don't really lesson plan, I journal) is FULL.
House projects getting ticked off (slowly but I'm still countin' it).
To do lists shrinking (not for long but again, I'm countin' it).

All sorts of good stuff.

so...Merlin likes to be held like this:
(and Lydia is just THAT goodness!!!)
I think we have three of the weirdest cats on earth.
Or are cats just weird!?

That knife in Lydia's hands make me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (etc)
She's fine.
I'm not.

It was a very good week.
But, as always, even the good weeks around here are FULL.
Of good and hard.
Some of the hard:
Lydia getting mauled by a spooked kitten...seriously, there are about 15 puncture wounds on her from inside her lip to her ear, face, back and arm.
Spent the better part of the week stopping every hour to drop milk in someone's eye.
Missing my husband all the time.
I lost my temper with my kids several times....I hate that.
Sleep is just dumb except I want more of it.
I had a really really really painful day with one of my hips. Like, Lydia asked me to come up and say goodnight and I had to tell her I may or may not make it up the stairs.  It took an hour or so but I was eventually in a place I could get up the stairs.
The very next day I was in so little in: NONE...that I was able to go on a run.

But I love looking back on the week and just being thankful.
And full.
I love that I miss my husband.
I love that Lydia was more concerned about the kitten (we think he had his tail stuck in a closed door!).
Her heart is just as beautiful as her smile.
So thankful that I just 'happen' to have raw milk and that is what kills pink eye.
Lost my temper, yes...but the prayer times and texts with friends that held me through it and lifted it out of our day, was so precious.
My hips...I don't know...I give up....I am thankful that it was literally one day.  Some months it's a week or weeks.  
Just journaling here....

Yes, big "D"'s are crap.
But our life is so beautiful.
the good, the pain.
it's all beautiful.

Jesus filled us.
I love Him for it.....


Bekah Boo said...

forget guns...
jake might just need to put those pilot skills to work and fly the girls away to a hut in the middle of nowhere. i don't think guns will be enough to scare the boys away...

(ps-love that you have a man to miss, hate that you are missing him. lifting up you, the girls, and him today.)

Missy said...

I think all cats are weird. Our current cat plays fetch. For reals, like fetch fetch, as if she were a dog. We've never had a cat do that before.

Merlin is SO beautiful! I love cats so much, I'm glad you have some now. They are great for cozying up to in bed when the hubby is away. Hopefully you have some cat cuddlers to nestle up next to you while Jake is gone!