Tuesday, January 7, 2014

why is this true?

Why is it true that we have figured out how to have entire isles at the groceries stores FULL of deodorant and antiperspirant but the stuff that actually WORKS has been around since...oh, I don't know.....


Without getting toooooooo detailed, I was having issues.  Just issues...k?

Sitting here contemplating whether I should write out the issues or let you imagine.

**stop imagining my issues...that's gross!**

I figure, you already know what my vacuum looks like and you know which corner of my carpet to never step on again so why not know what goes on under my arms???

I'm just gonna say it.

I made my own deodorant.

I did.

And. It. Was. The. Best. Day. Ever.

I was skeptical.  I was a 'only buy the clinical strength stuff' kinda girl and then it started really really irritating my skin so I, for the past year, have been trying every 'natural' bar/stick/crystal I could get my hands on.

A very expensive venture, let me tell you!

But I used this recipe and she wrote in there that a few days/weeks later she even stopped sweating as much.


Made for pennies + less sweat = I'm IN!

And for me, it was days....

This stuff wiped my year of 'issues' clean off the plate.

What the heck is in the crap we are buying that is MAKING us sweat more!?
Um...conspiracy theory?  Hello!?


Whether you are someone who 'home-makes' stuff or not.
If you got issues....here is your answer.

Do not wait.

my notes:
I forgot that I had arrowroot so I just used the 'more baking soda' suggestion

Lavender Essential Oil is like Neosporin (seriously, use lavendar e.oil instead of neosporin the next time you have a cut, you will be wowed!) so I used it thinking it would help kill stinkin' bacteria.
5-8 drops per batch, if even that.  It's not for smell, the Shea butter is strong and it's what you smell, it's just for the bacteria fighting thing.

It literally takes 1/2 a tsp. per pit.

I doubled the batch and may not have to make more for 6 months....maybe even a year!

Someone might think it's gross because you have to dip your hands in the jar every time you use it and that is going to spread bacteria - I use it after I shower and am very clean - and on that logic, we should never use lip balm so this 'point' doesn't make sense to me.  Just have clean hands when you dip.

Seriously...I'm WOWED by this stuff!!!!

If you get it for Christmas, it's just 'cause I'm excited about it, not 'cause you smell, k?

Oh...and I made this lovely little thing too:

All Natural Homemade Shaving Cream.

One word:  oh-my-goodness!!!!!!!!

When you make your deodorant, just whip this up too....you can take me to dinner to thank me later!

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