Thursday, February 20, 2014

I ate 4 chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

Because, my friends.


Because we got in the car at 8:15am yesterday only to discover that there was dog puke in the car that we'd forgotten to clean up and had now been sitting in a closed car all night.

Because I had to clean it up, we were going to be gone too long to just leave it.

Because Lenora, at Co-Op had a full-on melt down about missing daddy.
Right in the middle of TONS of other 'things' I was responsible for...I then became un-responsible because when one of my girls melts down about that SO DO I.

Because I got home from a great but hard day at our Co-Op yesterday and just needed to curl into a ball.
(It's an AMAZING co-op and I'm stoked to be a part of it but I am in major learning mode for leadership.  Leadership means serving.  Serving can be amazing and hard all at the same time.  Nothing to read into here, just is what it is.  Awesome and learning and I just needed a nap.  Leadership also means you get to hear everyone's brokenness because the brokenness sometimes effects whether or not someone can do something, obviously, and my little heart was just doing what it always does for brokenness, aching and rallying...still nothing to read into, just don't know how else to describe it.)

Moving on.

Because we got home, and Violet, our 8 yr old Golden, couldn't use one of her back legs.

Strange, because we'd literally been to the vet for a yearly check up, the. day. before. and she got a clean bill of health.
(and then puked in the car on the way home....which we forgot about because she does this SO often....wanna ride?)

I figured she was sore from vaccines, 'cause I get sore, so why wouldn't a dog?
(apparently large breed dogs don't...who knew...I didn't!)

Because Lenora has a cold sore and I put an oil on it only to have it break out 1/2 her cheek,
Because Samantha's mouth is swollen due to her orthodontic work and
Because Lydia has a small cold....

Because it was my mom's birthday and I totally forgot to call her.

Because the Big D.

Because this morning we woke up to Violet not being able to use either of her legs.

Because we took her to the vet and watched her consume the energy and time of three nurses and two vets...because she was THAT sick.

Because Violet has Lyme Disease from a dag gum tick.

Do you KNOW how many ticks I pull off a week around here!?
soooooo many.
so many.
And rarely do I pull one off Violet.  We are constantly pulling them off Bonnie.

Because we had to leave her there all day hooked to an IV.

Because I got home and was describing the visit to Marcia when Sophie pipes up and asks, "Mommy, why do people walk into schools and start shooting other people?"

WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!!!!!!!!????????

Because I had my first hair appointment in a YEAR and wasn't really able to enjoy it.

Well, I enjoyed it a little.  I read on Pintrest that long layers would make you look like a goddess so when she asked me what I wanted, that's what I told her and I told her Pintrest said so, soooo.....
Good news, she got the joke.  Phew.  Newsflash, artist don't like hearing, "I saw this on Pintrest, can you....?"

Because it felt weird being there when I just waned to be with the girls...the human and the hairy ones.
I didn't feel like I could reschedule because I'd already done it three time.  THREE TIMES.

Dude.  My hair is like thanking me right now...true story.

Because when I went to pick up Violet, with nasty clothes, no makeup but amazing hair, there was a mistake on her billing and a mistake on a test they charged me for but didn't run on Tuesday.
A test that would have shown Lyme Disease before she temporarily lost the use of her limbs and I had to rush her to the vet for emergency care.....of course.  OF course.

I took me 1 hr and 30 min's just to pick her up and pay.

Because the vet kept saying over and over and over:  "This is so rare.",  "This is unheard of.",  "This is an oddity"....and I just laughed and said, "No, it's not.  It's because my husband is deployed, really, it's not your fault."

Because, is she better?  Is Lenora? Is Lydia? Is Samantha? .... sorta...not really.

Not that I'm actually coherent enough to even decipher those things.
I am, at least coherent enough to have put better oils on everyone tonight though....
Score: 1 Holly / 1,065 This Week.

Tell me though.
What are the odds this happens two days after I get the tickle to adopt a third dog, a 4 month old, and name him Henry (cause that just sounded like it went with Bonnie and Violet) and there is a 6 month old shepherd in the waiting room with me today NAMED HENRY?
Flashing sign: DO NOT DO IT.

And what are the odds that there is a grey kitty named MiMi in the same waiting room and when I told the owner how cute it was because we have a grey kitty named Merlin...they both start with M's...and the receptionist tells us, "That's weird, I have a close friend named MiMi and her husband's name is"......DRUM ROLL PLEASE......."Merlin."

So that, my friends, is why I ate 4 chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

Just Because.

p.s. Some of you in my every day life will be scratching your heads wondering why I did such an audacious thing ON A WHOLE30? Well.  Let's just say this was more like a WHOLE20...k?
Because there are whole30's and then there are whole30's when you're husband is deployed, which we will just call whole20's.

p.p.s. pictures?  of puke? and ticks? and IV's? and rashes? and snot?  um. no, there are not.  You'll just have to trust me that my hair rocks.

p.p.p.s.  I need to go.  I have to go work on a crown for Marcia....'cause she saved my little hiny from COMPLETE MELT DOWN (which would have been 5 cookies, I'm sure of it).


jennifer brock said...

Love hearing you write; it ias like we are in the same area, not opposite costs!

Anonymous said...

We stopped bringing our Dog through the forest because of the ticks. My Brody, he was border collie lab about 100lbs. had Lyme disease and he lived to 10, I had the tick collar and the shots for him and he still got them. The deer tick is what carries the disease. Wood ticks are more visible and do not carry the disease.

Cheryl said...

I would have eaten a dozen chocolate chip cookies and have during the Big D before! Praying for you Holly! You have a place in my heart...just because!

Mom B said...

Oh Holly, I would have eaten the whole batch, so you did marvelously. So sorry for such a hard day for you. Life has those days that come out of no where. Refiners Fire Days. This I know, that though you may feel like not a thing was gained or of value, somehow God uses those crazy days of our lives to show us more of Him, his power, His grace, and His unfailing love. I hope Violet is better today! She is one of His special creatures too! Luv ya! Mom

Amy said...

Oh, how I wish I could hug you!

Mandy said...

oh my goodness. SO sorry, friend! we are on day 22 on our first whole30 and the last few days have been SO hard for me! and we let the kids have pizza last night. i thought i might die.