Tuesday, September 30, 2014

birthday concert!!!

For Lydia and Samantha's birthdays this year we gave them their first tickets to their very first big concert.

It was a whole gaggle of popular Christian artists.
We mainly went to see Jaimie Grace....'cause she the bomb and we dance/sing to her daily.

Meredith, Lydia, Ava

Samantha, Hannah

What the girls DID NOT KNOW is that I invited a few of their bestie's along as well!!!

Leslie, Samantha, Hannah, and poor poor Nathan.

I'm pretty crappy at keeping secrets like this but I totally pulled this one off!!!!!

My main strategy was to NOT tell Lenora.
That girl!
She totally doesn't mean to but just can't help her slips!
(don't know where she gets that from!?)

We picked their friends up on the way to the concert and they FLIPPED OUT!!!!

The mama's....
We're gonna audition for Blue Man Group soon - we needed a picture for our portfolio - 
whatcha' think?

(I have no idea what those dots on her eyes are from...just noticed them...strange!?)

FAVORITE picture from the night:
Samantha and Hannah standing up on their chairs clinging to one another in excitement for the next singer to come out!
A. dor. A. ble.

We were NOT waiting in the hour long line to meet Jaimie Grace so we just snuck her into the back ground of this picture...like a ninja.

We may not have met Jaimie Grace but she DID notice and compliment Samantha's RED cowgirl boots on her way to sit down and sign autographs. (Jaimie is always wearing some amazing version of cowgirl boots...sister be from GA)

Samantha just happened to be standing in the hallway that Jaimie had to walk through.
Made Samantha's WHOLE YEAR!

I missed the whole encounter because I was on my hands and knees in an empty auditorium looking under pews for Lydia's missing glasses.

Note: Do not take glasses to sweaty concerts.  Grrrrr....
Yes, they are still 'missing'.

Minus Jen, because someone had to take the picture, here was our crew:

And they may or may not have had a photo booth...

Great memories, great concert!

Now to dream up something just as amazing as this for Lenora and Sophie...

The pressure's on!


Liza said...

This is so perfect. And I am loving your red pants! :) We know where Samantha gets her style...

Courtney Cassada said...

that is THE FUNNEST!!!! and you took some great pictures!

Stacy said...

Oh lost glasses....good times. Loving the contacts now!!