Monday, September 29, 2014

gettin' her nails did.

Samantha turned 9.
Like a month ago.

I'm obviously still in denial because it's taken me this long to blog about it.

I'm just lazy.

Not really.

She's amazing.
And that is NOT a joke.

This kid rocks our whole world daily.
She is kind.  Like, puts-us-all-to-shame-kind kind of kind.

She is faithful to the end.
With her promises, with her heart, with her all.

And she wanted to get her nails did for her party.

I am still getting used to small townness.
Did you know that all three nail salons we have in our town are CLOSED on Sundays!?

We literally drove to the bigger town 30 min's away.

Because I am that mom.
Not really, we just had the time so we did it.

These ladies are the best:

 Not having a party for her glorious....I do love a good party but the clean up from this party was dreamy, just dreamy!

 AND...then there were the unimaginable amount of dog presents and brownies.
 Not sure what she's doing here?  Hissing at the brownies?  Too funny.
Last year of single digits my darlin'.
You're gonna rock it, not even a question in my mind!

(Don't judge my oven mitts.
They are clean.  I promise.  Just stained a little. What!? Like yours AREN'T!?
Don't answer that.)

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