Saturday, January 26, 2008

it's Sophie....again.

Sophie: double ear infections.

also, a very sleep deprived, very anxious mother gave her baby a little too much antihistamine and turned her babies hands and feet purple.

this would be x #2 on the phone with Poison Control (955-5555 - just in case you're wondering) about an overdose of med's to poor little Sophie.
if she survives her infant years she will be one tough tough cookie....a force to be reckoned with.

She is fine, they assured me that it really wasn't an overdose but still, that's a little freaky.

poor little Sophie.


Marc, Jaimee and Ben said...

We know all too well the whole medicine that turns your kiddos different colors! So sorry you both had to go through that! We hope she's well on her way to recovery now... ear infections sure can cause a lot of tears in this household, from us all :)
Prayers going up to the big guy for you all!

The Bergs said...

Holly, if you want to say goodbye to ear infections get Sophie to a good chiropractor. I haven't ever had a kid with ear infections who hasn't had them resolve (permanently) and that includes a kid who had both ears infected for two years prior to coming to my office (I'm a chiropractor if you hadn't guessed.)

If you want more info or need help finding someone in your area let me know.

Good luck with sleeping in the mean time...


Robyn said...

Holly, Just so you know, I empathize with you, but think even more highly of you now. :-) Sean gave our oldest his first concussion--after that, it's all downhill. Once the 'crisis mode' passes, just remember to look back and laugh!